What Type of Nature Will I See on My Paddle Boarding Tour in Charleston?

Paddle boarding tours are an excellent way to wind down and enjoy the scenic Charleston coast line. Whether you take part in one of our morning tours, afternoon tours, or sunset tours there is plenty of wildlife and nature for you to take in. Here are some things you will see on our paddle boarding tours on the Folly River.

1. Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are common inhabitants of coastal South Carolina waters. Bottlenose dolphins are silver or grey in appearance and have a "bottlenose" or longer snout. They frequent both open waters and estuaries like the Folly River. While you can see dolphins any time of day, they are most abundant around low tide due to their feeding schedule. It truly is an awe inspiring moment when you see your first dolphin.

2. Sea Turtles

Sea turtles often nest and hatch on Folly Beach. Their nesting and hatchings bring in a variety of spectators year after year due to the decline in sea turtle population. However, Folly Beach is on track to break their all time record for the most sea turtle nests. It's important that if you do see a sea turtle nest on Folly Beach that you do not disturb the nest.

During your paddle boarding tour you may see loggerhead sea turtles. The sea turtles on the most common a long the South Carolina coastline and are actually the official state reptile. Loggerheads are given their name due to their large heads and powerful jaw. Their powerful jaw enables them to eat hard shell wildlife like conch, crustaceans, and whelks.

3. Shorebirds

While on your paddle boarding tour, you will see a variety of birds. Most of these birds are considered shorebirds as opposed to seabirds. Shorebirds inhabit mudflats and intertidal areas, like that of the Folly River. Some types of shorebirds include: sandpipers, oystercatchers, and plovers. 

You may occasionally see a seabird due to the proximity to the beach. These types of birds include: sea gulls, pelicans, terns, and skimmers.

4. Osprey

Ospreys are also known as fish hawks and are migratory birds. Ospreys tend to frequent the South Carolina coastline in the fall months. They are recognizable due to their large talons and long, bent, brown wings.

Ospreys live primarily off a fish, which is why they are prominent a long the coast. Ospreys are not considered endangered, but populations have been decreasing which why they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

These are just a few of the many types of wildlife you will see on your paddle boarding tour. Additionally, you will see other elements of nature including various types of trees, fish, oysters, and different types of shells.

Isla Paddle Boarding can accommodate most group sizes and experience levels. Take in the beautiful Folly Rivers and South Carolina coastline views aboard a paddle board. Book your paddle board tour today!

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