Best Months to Visit Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a great year-round destination, but some months are better to visit than others. While winters in Charleston and Folly Beach can be mild, if you are looking to get the most out of your trip and enjoy time in the sun, then this may not be best time to visit. Summers can also get quite hot and crowded, making it a less than ideal time to visit Folly Beach for those looking for a relaxing vacation. Here are the best months to visit Folly Beach based on temperature, hotel costs, and things to do.


March is a great time to visit Folly Beach. With an average high of 62 degrees and low of 52 degrees, the water temperatures may not be warm enough to swim in, but you can throw on a wetsuit and catch some waves. It isn’t prime tourism season, so you can take advantage of a quieter beachfront and enjoy a nice walk or run on the beach without it being too hot. You can also hop over to downtown and take advantage of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival happening the first week in March. Hotel prices in March are also still relatively affordable costing about $200 per night.


April is another great month to visit Folly. Spring is officially sprung and the temperatures begin warming up. With an average high temperature of 69 degrees and average low temperature of 60 degrees, this is a nice opportunity to really get in some fun in the sun without scorching temperatures. The water temperatures will be a bit cooler, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a relaxing day on the beach with a book or a relaxing stroll on the beach. April usually coincides with Spring Break, meaning it’s a great time to bring the kids without the huge crowds.

If you enjoy running, sign up for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run happening in Mount Pleasant and Downtown every April. Hotel prices are bit more expensive costing around $300 per night.


Crowds begin to pick up in May as kids finish up the school year and families begin embarking on their summer vacations. May is great time to enjoy both the beach and ocean with an average high temperature of 76 degrees and an average low of 68 degrees. May is not overly crowded, although some weekends can be a bit more crowded than others. Hotel prices in May vary, but you can expect to pay around $300 to $350 a night.


June, July, and August can get very hot and crowded, so if you are looking to really enjoy time in the sun, opt to visit Folly Beach in September. Crowds begin to taper off as kids go back to school and temperatures begin to slightly cool down. The average high is 81 degrees and the average low is 73 degrees. You can also take advantage of the Sea and Sand Festival happening in September. Hotels in September will cost you around $250 per night.


October, like September is another great month to visit Folly Beach. The nights in October may be cooler, but you can still enjoy your days on the beach. The average high in October is 73 degrees and the average low is 63 degrees. You can also take advantage of Follypalooza, an annual fundraising event featuring live music, food, drinks, and games for the kids. Hotel prices run about $250 per night.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation without the heat and crowds, visit Folly Beach March through May and in September and October. You’ll enjoy a quiet beachfront, mild temperatures, cheaper hotel costs, and get to experience everything Folly has to offer.

Peter MelhadoComment