We have partnered with like minded local charities and businesses that share our enthusiasm for surfing and community. 


The warrior surf foundation

The Warrior Surf Foundation was founded by Andy Manzi, a Folly Beach Local, in 2016. The foundation is focused on helping our military veterans through the power and camaraderie of surfing along side professional counseling in a unique environment from Warrior Surf's in house counselors. Warrior Surf is a unique and effective foundation that has played a crucial role in the lives dozens of veterans returning home. It is a huge testament to Andy's passion, dedication, and hard work and to the power of surfing. In 2017, Andy and Warrior Surf were featured on CNN's America's Heroes and nominated as a top ten organization. 


Famous Adventures

Famous Adventures offer a unique day camp for the Charleston area. Kyndra and her team provide transportation and new daily activities for their week long camps. Part of their week long sessions include surf sessions with us!


Ocean Surf Shop

Ocean Surf Shop has been a staple shop on Folly Beach for decades. They have a great offering of surfboards, wetsuits, sunglasses, clothes, and more in a friendly and educated environment. Bates and his team will make sure you get the right equipment or gear for your need and level. Drop in and tell them we sent you!


Clemson Youth Learning institute: Camp sewee

The Clemson Youth Learning Institute offers a wide variety of weekly sleep away camps for South Carolina. Isla works with their Camp Sewee program which is focused on educating their campers on marine science. As part of their program they surf with us on a weekly basis!


Shred Season

Shred Season is dedicated to transforming the used surfboard industry into an honest and easy way to get the right board for yourself. Sick of the dishonest ways of Craigslist, Shred Season provides a friendly, easy, and cheaper way to buy used surfboards for first time surfers.