What Is and Isn't Allowed on Folly Beach

Everyone loves a good day at the beach; however, getting a citation for bringing along contraband can definitely spoil the fun. It’s important to know the rules of the beach that you are visiting before you go. Here are somethings that are and aren’t allowed on Folly Beach.

No Alcohol

Unfortunately, alcohol is no longer permitted on Folly Beach and getting caught with it can be be quite costly. According to a 2017 report from Charleston City Paper, beach goers can be fined up to $1,087 or 30 days in jail for being caught with alcohol on the beach. Actual fines are up to the officer’s discretion, but it is not worth the risk. Leave your booze at home or enjoy an adult beverage at one of Folly’s many great restaurants and bars.

No Glass, Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, or Balloons

No one likes to step on broken glass at the beach. Leave your glass bottles at home. Like alcohol, glass on the beach can leave you with a hefty fine.

Also, keep your plastic grocery bags and styrofoam cups and coolers at home. It’s important to keep our beaches clean and protect the wildlife from harmful toxins including plastic and styrofoam.

Lastly, if you plan to celebrate a birthday or an occasion at the beach, do so without balloons!

No Fireworks

Fireworks and open fires are not allowed on Folly Beach. Leave the fireworks to the professionals (Folly has a great 4th of July and New Year’s Fireworks show).

Dogs Are Allowed (At Certain Times)

The good news is you can bring your furry friends to Folly Beach (at certain times). Dogs are allowed on the beach prior to 10 am (May 1st-September 30th) and after 6 pm (during the same months). Dogs are allowed anytime on the beach October 1st through April 31st. if you do plan on bringing your pooch to the beach, make sure you keep them on a leash at all times and you pick up after them.

By obeying the rules of the beach, you can ensure that you and everyone around you can have an enjoyable experience and not be left with an expensive ticket or worse!

Peter MelhadoComment