Planning a Corporate Outing? 3 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Surf or Paddle Board Outing

It’s that time of the year. It’s hot outside and employees are sluggish. Kids are out of school, but must adults are still stuck behind a desk. Morale around the office can run low in the summer. While summer hours are a great way to allow employees to enjoy the season, a corporate outing is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Here are three reasons why you should plan a surf or paddle board outing for your employees.

  1. It’s a Unique Experience

    Let’s face it, happy hours can be fun, but not everyone drinks or wants to go to a bar after work. The last thing you want to do is plan a corporate outing and have no one show up. Surfing and paddle boarding are sure to experiences your employees will remember and talk about. It’s not just another happy hour. It’s something that gets people up, moving, and doing something healthy.

  2. It Will Be Talked About for a Long Time

    We all have those experiences that stick with us and we love to talk and post about on social media. Your employees’ surfing or paddle boarding experience is sure to be the topic of conversation around the office for weeks to come, as well as, shared on their social media feeds. These social media posts can serve as a great recruitment tool for your company.

    It’s also just a good feeling knowing you contributed to something that your employees enjoyed doing. Your employees are likely to think more highly of the company, causing a boost in morale and in production. This could be just the spark your employees need to reignite them during the slow summer months.

  3. It’s Healthy

    Healthy employees are happy employees. Healthy employees also help lower insurance premiums and take less sick days. Surfing and paddle boarding are both excellent activities for physical health and mental health. Both activities allow employees who are typically strapped behind a desk, to get up and moving, as well as, decompress from the day to day stress.

    According to Health Shield, 57% of people say that if their employer proactively supported their mental wellbeing, it would help them to feel more loyal, be more productive, and take less time off work. Demonstrating to your employees that you care about their physical and mental health, can help increase employee retention and overall office morale.

Peter MelhadoComment