4 Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Getting a good workout in doesn’t always involve a gym. In fact, many times the outdoors can offer a better a workout than any gym can provide. While paddle boarding can not only be a relaxing way to enjoy the Charleston coastline, it can be a great way to burn calories and get in shape. Here are four health benefits of paddle boarding.


Core Strength and Development

Paddle boarding is a great way to development more core/mid-section strength. Standing up and balancing on a paddle boarding requires you to keep your core tight and engaged. A tight core causes your body to essentially hollow out. Hollow bodies are essential for balance, as well as, many bodyweight exercises like squats, push ups, and handstands.

Paddling also utilizes your mid-section including your core and obliques. Your obliques are the muscles that run down the sides of your core/abdominals. Rotating the paddle from each side of your body uses your obliques. Also, paddling requires not only shoulder strength, but core strength as well, especially if you are paddling against the currents.

Low-Intensity Cardio

A good cardiovascular workout doesn’t always have to be a fast, strenuous run. In fact, you can burn more calories by doing a lower-intensity workout for a longer period, than a higher-intensity workout for a very short period.

Paddle boarding is a great way to burn calories over a long period of time. Our paddle boarding tours typically last two hours. Very few people would probably be able to run for two hours straight; however, many people can paddle board for at least two hours. The lesson in all of this? Cardio doesn’t always have to be hardio.

Great for Mobility and Injury Rehabilitation

Low-impact activities like paddle boarding are great for rehabbing injuries or helping to prevent further injuries. Not only is paddle boarding great for your core, as mentioned above, it’s also great for your arms and legs. Paddling helps with your shoulder strength and mobility. If you are coming off of a shoulder injury, paddle boarding is a great way to slowly rebuild the strength and movement in this joint.

Paddle boarding is also great for rehabbing and preventing knee injuries. When paddle boarding you will keep your knees slightly bent with your core and lower body engaged. Unlike running and other forms of cardio, your knees are not constantly absorbing the shock of the pavement or other surfaces, making this an ideal low-impact way to rehab or prevent a knee injury.

Relieves Stress and Boosts Serotonin Levels

Lastly, paddle boarding is great for your mental health. It is a great way to decompress and disconnect from the busy world around us. It is recommended when paddle boarding to leave your phone at home or in the car, and enjoy nature. This is the best way to really absorb all that is around you.

Paddle boarding is also a great way to get exposure to the sun. A lot of people nowadays are stuck behind a cubicle or in four walls from 9-5 every day and don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine. Sun exposure is also shown to decrease depression by increasing serotonin levels in the body.

With all the health benefits that paddle boarding has to offer, what is stopping you? Our paddle boarding tours are held daily out of the Folly River Boat Ramp. Book your tour today or contact us if you have any questions.

Peter MelhadoComment