4 Benefits of Attending Summer Surf Camp

The school year just wrapped up and the excitement of summer is setting in. However, this excitement is often short-lived when the first “I’m bored” complaint comes out of your child’s mouth. While entertaining your kid 24/7 isn’t possible, our summer surf camp provides them a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are four benefits of attending our summer surf camp


It Exposes Kids to Other Kids from All Over the Area

When you live a neighborhood, your kids tend to hang out and play with the same kids everyday inside and outside of school. They may even play on the same sports teams and attend the same church. While your child having best friends isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it is necessary for them to branch out and meet people from outside of the neighborhood.

Our summer surf camp offers kids the opportunity to meet others kids from all across the Lowcountry. From Mount Pleasant to West Ashley to Summerville, our surf camp brings kids from a variety of neighborhoods and backgrounds together. Who knows, your kid might just meet their new best friend at our surf camp!

It is a Great Way to Burn Off Energy

Parenting can be demanding and nothing is more trying than having a kid full of energy with nothing to do. This is when the “I’m bored” starts to echo throughout the house. Our summer surf camps are a great way for your kid or kids to burn off this excess energy. With a variety of activities including plenty of time spent on the water learning to surf, beach games, and even walking field trips, we promise to send your kids home with incredible memories and ready to crash from their fun day on the water.

It Gives Parents the Morning Off

As parents, you always have too many things to do and not enough time to do it, and trying to do all these errands with kids in tow can make it even more challenging. Why not give yourself the morning off by dropping your kids off at our summer surf camp? This is a great opportunity to catch up on some errands or even just enjoy some “kid-free” time (and maybe even book a relaxing paddle boarding tour). For the working parents out there, this is a great chance to give the sitters or nanny the morning-off.

Kids Learn a New, Fun Skill

Last, but certainly not least, summer surf camp provides the opportunity for your kid or kids to learn a fun, new skill. Even if your kids aren’t wanting to pursue surfing as a hobby, this is a great opportunity for them to learn the basics of surfing, as well as, getting comfortable on the water. With a three to one camper to instructor ratio, we will ensure that each child gets the instruction suitable to their skill level. Many of our campers come back year after year to improve upon their surfing abilities and just to have an all around great time.

(Side note: all of our summer camp sessions are currently sold out for 2019. Be sure to bookmark our Summer Surf Camp page and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on next year’s sessions and sign up dates)

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