Hurricane Florence and Surfing: What You Should Know

Hurricane Florence is, as of 3pm EST on Tuesday, September 11th, a monstrous Category 4 hurricane barreling it’s way towards North and South Carolina. Parts of the South Carolina coastline, including Folly Beach, are under a mandatory evacuation order; however, if you do choose to stay and ride out the storm here are some things you should know and be prepared for, especially in regards to surfing during Hurricane Florence.

Surf Lessons Suspended

As of today, all Isla Surf Lessons are suspended until at least Saturday at the earliest. We want to ensure the safety of our students. Additionally, all after-school lessons have been suspended, as rip currents are dangerous and it is not advisable for young children to be out in the surf. We are keeping an eye on conditions and if anything changes, we will post on Facebook. We will also post on Facebook once we know when we can resume normal lessons.

Expect to See Florence’s Swell on Wednesday

So far the swell from Hurricane Florence has been pretty mellow. It is anticipated that the swell will pick up on Wednesday; however, as mentioned previously, there still are some dangerous rip currents out there, so air on the side of caution.

If You Plan on Surfing, Surf with a Friend

If you do plan on venturing out and trying to catch some of Florence’s waves, please operate under the buddy system. While it is always advisable to surf with a friend, it is important now more than ever, even if you or your friend just sit on the sidelines. There is no shame in sitting on the beach and watching. We have all done at it some point. If you don’t want to risk it, don’t sweat it!

Re-Nourishment Project is Paused

The Folly Beach Re-Nourishment Project is getting close to being wrapped up; however, all construction has been paused due to the impending hurricane conditions. We are eager to see if all the new sand will protect the houses from the anticipated storm surge. We anticipate wave heights to peak sometime around Thursday morning, but stay tuned to your local forecasts, as this could change depending on the speed of the storm.

We are Hoping for the Best, But Preparing for the Worst

As always, we are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. While we are not advising to surf in hurricane conditions, you may do so at your own risk. We hope you all will stay safe during the storm and evacuate if you feel it necessary.

Peter MelhadoComment