What Will My Child Learn at Surf Camp?

Summer camp is an exciting time for kids to be kids. It is an opportunity to for them to burn off excess energy while learning new and exciting things. Surf camp is no exception. Whether your child is an experienced surfer or new to the ocean, our summer surf camp is customizable for every child.



Some things your child will learn at our summer surf camp include:

1. Surfing Fundamentals

This is obvious. Whether your child is new on a surfboard or is an experienced surfer, our camps teach a range of skills. For new surfers, we teach the basics of surfing: from basic board skills to getting comfortable in the ocean and standing up and riding-in a wave to shore. We keep a small instructor to camper ratio so every camper can get the attention necessary to improve upon their surfing skills, regardless of skill level. 

2. Ocean Knowledge and Safety

It’s important that your child is comfortable in the ocean. Our instructors will teach your children everything they need to know about the ocean. From knowledge of rip currents to drifts, winds, tides and swells, your child will learn how to be a safe, yet successful surfer.

3. How to Spot Dangerous Conditions

It’s important that your child understands when conditions are not favorable for surfing. Safety is our top concern and we want to instill ocean safety skills in your children. Our goal is to teach kids how to safely navigate the ocean and recognize when they should stay out or get out of the water.

4. Surfing Etiquette

It’s important to know how to properly interact with other surfers and the etiquette when in the water. Surfing is as much a social occasion, as it is a physical activity. We want to ensure your child knows how to interact with others while out on the water. With any sport, there are rules to participating, and surfing is no exception.

Your child will learn all of this, while having fun in a safe environment at Isla Surf Camp. Our goal is to give every child the attention necessary and the feedback they need to improve upon existing skills and not just blanket instructions. 

Think this sounds like something your child would enjoy? Register today to secure a spot at surf camp for this season! Only a few sessions have space left. 

Peter MelhadoComment