What Should I Bring to My Charleston Surf Lesson?

So, you booked Charleston surf lessons. You’re pumped. Probably already envisioning yourself catching your first wave. But before you throw on your swimsuit and head to the beach, there are a few things you need to bring with you to have a top notch surf experience. Here are our recommendations of what you should bring with you to your surf lesson:



First and foremost, you need to wear the right clothing. We recommend women wear a bikini that will stay tight in the water. Spending a little more money and getting a high-quality bikini is worth it, especially if you plan on taking multiple lessons or take on surfing as a hobby. Some high-quality brands we recommend are Athleta, Jolyn and Patagonia.

For men, we recommend a good pair of board shorts. Board shorts are comfortable and easy to move in both in and out of the water. Again, you will want to invest in a comfortable and durable pair of board shorts that can last you throughout your surfing adventures. Some brands we recommend include Rip Curl, Billabong, Hurley and O’Neill.

Both men and women may want to invest in a rash guard, but we do provide all Isla Surf School students with rash guards, if they want to add another layer of protection between skin and the board. In addition to sunscreen, this will protect your upper body and back from the sun.

And to wear to and from the beach we have designed new Isla Surf beach gear: super-soft T-shirts and tanks and mesh snap back hats. Check them out in our online shop! 


Don’t be that person who wears tennis shoes to the beach. Invest in a good pair of flip flops. The sand can get quite hot in the summer sun, so you will want to have something on your feet as you come and go. And no one likes putting a wet foot in a tennis shoe!


You’ll also want to make sure you protect your eyes from the sun. Bring along a good UV protection pair of sunglasses. One of our favorite brands of sunglasses is Nectar. They are a local Charleston brand founded by two surfers.


There is no worse feeling than that of being thirsty after being in the saltwater all day. Even in the water, the heat in Charleston can be tough in the summer. You will want to ensure that you stay hydrated as much as possible. You can get dehydrated very quickly when you are in the sun all day. 

We recommend that you avoid plastic water bottles and bring a good reusable water bottle with you that contains at least a liter of water. 


Lobster skin isn’t a good look on anyone, and it is definitely not a fun look. You will regret not bringing and wearing sunscreen. Even if it is a cloudy day, you should wear and bring a good zinc-based sunscreen. Some of our favorite zinc based sunscreens include Blue Lizard, Neutrogena Sheer Zinc, and EltaMD


As always, don’t forget the towel. Everyone has been there, you get to the beach or pool and you get ready to dry off, only to realize you forgot your towel. Make sure you have a good beach towel that will dry you off and that you can relax on between surfing sessions.

Don’t wait to the last minute to prep for your surf lessons. Have these items prepped and ready in a beach bag to ensure your next Charleston surf lesson goes smoothly.

Peter MelhadoComment