The Best Wetsuits for Surfing in Charleston

The first real cold front of the season has moved in on the east coast. Up until now, we’ve had a relatively warmer fall than most with water temperatures staying in the 80s until mid October, according to NOAA. However, water temperatures have dipped into the 60s this week. With cooler water temperatures, it is important to have the right gear on hand if you want to continue surfing. The most essential pieces of cool water gear are wetsuits. Here are our recommendations for the best wetsuits for surfing in Charleston.

Men’s Wetsuits

4/3mm Men's O'Neill Epic Wetsuit


This wetsuit is both functional and affordable compared to other wetsuits from O’Neill. It is a great value and is made from 100% super-stretch neoprene. The seams and neck closure are sealed and it has a waterproof zipper. It also includes seamless paddle zones to help eliminate any chaffing.

The wetsuit is available at for $184.95.

Quiksilver 4/3 Syncro Back Zip GBS Wetsuit


This wetsuit is also a great value. The wetsuit features Quiksilver’s WarmFlight lining, so you will be well insulated in the coldest of waters. It also features flexible F’N Lite Neoprene and the Quiksilver Syncro Back Zip, keeping you warm and dry all day long.

This wetsuit is available at (currently on sale) for $129.96.

NeoSport 3/2mm Neoprene Men's Jumpsuit


This wetsuit is a great wetsuit for casual surfers and for those looking for a good, reliable wetsuit under $100. The wetsuit features a thicker torso, allowing for more warmth, but thinner arms and legs allowing for greater mobility. It also features an adjustable collar and knee-pads.

The wetsuit is available at (currently on sale) for $82.95.

Women’s Wetsuits

Body Glove Women's Pro 3 Fullsuit 7/8


This wetsuit is a great option for women looking for full coverage and warmth that they can wear throughout winter. It is great for novice surfers and those looking to have a wetsuit for all watersports. The wetsuit includes 4-way stretch neoprene, allowing for greater mobility, comfort, and durability. The price point can’t be beat either.

The wetsuit is available from (currently on sale) for $84.99.

Roxy 5/4/3mm Syncro Series Back Zip GBS Wetsuit


This wetsuit is the female counterpart to the Quiksilver Syncro Series wetsuit we highlighted above. It, too, includes the F’N Light Neoprene, as well as, Thermal Smoothie Panels on the chest and back to retain body heat and resist wind. This is a great option for those extremely cold days or those just wanting a warmer option.

The wetsuit is available at for $179.95.

3/2mm Women's Billabong SYNERGY Fullsuit


This wetsuit is a great wetsuit for almost any conditions. It is made of 100% premium AX2 SuperFlex super stretch neoprene. It provides both flexibility and stretch where you need it most. It includes a thermal lining, and is lightweight. The wetsuit also includes kneepads, a chafe-free collar, and full back zipper.

The wetsuit is available at for $124.95.

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