We are closing down for the 2017 Season

Thats a wrap for 2017!

Hi everyone! We wanted to announce that we will be closing up shop for 2017. On behalf of the Isla Team, thank you to everyone who has supported us in our second year in business. We could not have done it without you! 

We met some amazing people through our private lessons from all over the world. We taught hundreds of people from Charleston, France, Russia, China, and all over the United States. We also had the joy of working with  kids and families returning to Folly Beach for their annual summer trip. There is something very special about working with the same families year after year. You really get to know all of the parents and its incredible to see all the kids growing up.

Our summer camps were also a huge success. We came very close to having a 100% return rate from our 2016 summer camps and we also enrolled tons of new students. If you have not already checked out our summer camp video head here SUMMER CAMP VIDEO 

We also added a few new programs for our 2017 season. We added yoga & surf Sundays which were a huge success and will continue for our 2018 season. We enjoyed great yoga instruction from our amazing teacher Kat and were blessed with perfect waves every Sunday (which is incredibly rare). A very special and new program that was added was the weekly therapeutic surf sessions for children on the spectrum. It was amazing to work with the dozens of kids we had sign up and truly special to see them so happy in the ocean. 

The whole family headed out to surf some fun waves on Folly!

The whole family headed out to surf some fun waves on Folly!


Finally, our partnership with The Warrior Surf Foundation was one of the highlights of our year. We worked closely week-to-week with so many amazing men and women who served our nation, CNN American Heroes filmed a special, Andy was nominated top ten heroes, and we volunteered on a few transition courses with non-profits visiting the Charleston area.  

2017 was a tremendous success and I'm not sure I would have changed anything. Yes, we had the occasional day ruined by bad weather or rough surf (especially throughout the fall) but that comes with the territory and is something we have no control of. The only thing I would change are the injuries that have plagued the Isla team from August. We had broken feet, dislocated shoulders, broken fingers, and the usual bruises and bumps. With that being said, we did not have a single client or camper injured. I would gladly get banged up to ensure the safety of everyone who surfs with us. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported these last two years. It means the world to us and were are beyond excited to grow the Isla community in 2018.

We will be open for lessons start March 1. In the meantime look out for Christmas specials, summer camp announcements, and other big news coming out of the Isla camp. We hope everyone has a tasty Thanksgiving surrounded by their families and friends! Stay safe and get a surf in before all the turkey!

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