Surfing FAQS

Where do surf lessons and camps meet on Folly Beach?  

All surf lessons and surf camps are run out of 3W Street on Folly Beach. It is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Charleston; however, during the summer months traffic begins to back up mid-morning so please take this into consideration.

How do I schedule a surf lesson?

We teach lessons seven days a week and we have four time slots per day. Feel free to call, text, email, or book your lesson through the website.

Where do I park for surf lessons?

You can park in the lot marked 3W and pay the Palmetto Parking fee or you can park on the grass or sand on the side of the road. Make sure all your tires are completely off the road or you will be ticketed.

What is the youngest child Isla Surf School teaches for surf lessons and camps?

We teach children as young as five years old. A lot depends on the child's swimming ability and level of comfort in the water. Feel free to call us to discuss in greater detail.

Are the waves good?                                   

The surf at Folly Beach is perfect for beginners, and depending on your ability and experience we can take you surfing in nearly all conditions. Check out our blog post here to learn more about Folly surfing conditions.

Do you teach surfing year-round?

Yes, the water in Charleston is extremely warm for most of the year. Once it does start to cool down, we provide wetsuits.

What if it's raining at the time of my surf lesson?

Surfing in the rain is fun! We run lessons rain or shine; however, if lightning storms are present, we will cancel your lesson. Learn more about our inclement weather policy here.   

*Isla reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any lesson, tour or camp due to dangerous surf, river or weather conditions.

 What is the surfing cancellation policy?

You must cancel or reschedule your lesson at least 24 hours prior to the actual lesson or your card will be charged for the full lesson. We know that emergencies sometimes come up; we understand this, and will work with you to reschedule your lesson.       

What should I bring to my surf lesson?

Bring water, sunscreen, a towel, and beach attire. Check out more of what to bring in this blog post here.

What is provided at surf lessons?

We provide surfboards, wetsuits, and expert instruction from one of our enthusiastic, expert, certified instructors.

What are the requirements to surf?

There are no actual requirements to surf with us; however, we do ask that if you or your child has any physical disability or medical issue, you disclose that info to us so we can plan ahead. We are able to surf with all ages and abilities and we encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and embrace the unknown, but in some cases (children 5 and younger, poor swimmers, low functioning autism) private lessons are necessary to keep everyone safe and to have an enjoyable experience. 

Paddle Board FAQs

Where do paddle board tours meet on Folly Beach?

Please meet us at the Folly Beach Boat Ramp, operated by Charleston County Parks and Recreation. You will meet Reed by his Toyota Tacoma truck with Isla Surf School logos on it. From there he will get you started!

What is the water like on paddle board tour routes?

We paddle board on flat water behind Folly Island. The waterways are ideal for paddling due to the protection from the elements and the reduced surface chop. These conditions make the experience more enjoyable than in the open ocean. Tours are dependent on tides and wind direction, plus our routes vary.  Come expecting to paddle board on larger and small water ways, as well as through some hidden paths!

Does paddle boarding get hot in the summer?

Just like any activity in Charleston during the summer months, it is hot. But not to worry— we will take frequent stops along the way to hop in the water and to cool off. Please bring plenty of water and hydrate accordingly. We recommend also hydrating prior to your paddle board tour.

How do I schedule a paddle board tour?

We teach lessons seven days a week and we have four time slots per day. Feel free to call, text, email, or book your lesson through the website.

Where do I park for paddle board tours?

Feel free to park at the boat ramp (please try to use the regular spots located at the rear of the lot and not the longer boat trailer spots). You can also walk from Center Street or the Tides Hotel.

Do you lead paddle boarding tours year-round?

We operate paddle boarding tours from March until November, beginning in 2019.  

What is the youngest child Isla Surf School takes on paddle boarding tours?

We ask that young/small children ride on our instructor’s board or on a parent’s board unless it is a private tour. Children over 10 who are capable in the water will be able to navigate their own paddle board and are welcome on all tours.

What should I wear and bring to a paddle board tour?

Please bring swimwear, sunscreen, water, and water shoes.

What if it is raining at the time of our paddle board tour?

If it is a light drizzle we will operate our tours; however, if weather is anything substantial or dangerous we will reschedule or cancel.

*Isla reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any lesson, tour or camp due to dangerous surf, river or weather conditions.

What is the paddle board tour cancellation policy?

You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled paddle board tour. If we cancel due to weather or dangerous conditions we will attempt to reschedule or refund you for the full cost of the tour.

How do I reschedule a paddle board tour?

We will do our best to reschedule and accommodate everyone in the event of a cancelled tour. Please call us at at (843) 813 7897 to reschedule a tour, if we do not reschedule at the time you are notified.

What are the requirements to paddle board?

Paddle boarding is a great activity for all ages and abilities. If you do not feel comfortable standing on the board, you can still be a part of the tour by paddling in a modified position on your knees or from a seated position. If you have any concerns/hesitations about your ability please call us at (843) 813 7897 and we can address any questions.

General FAQs

My online booking won't process. What is wrong?

Please try to use Google Chrome to book your lesson. Our software works best with that browser. If you have an international phone number please be sure to accurately type the area code and number in. Please double check your info and answer all required fields before processing your booking. If problems persist please call us at (843) 813 7897. Thank you!

How do I sign the waiver online?

What information do you collect from website visitors, surfers and paddlers?

Please refer to our PRIVACY POLICY.