Surf therapy for children touched by autism.

The Ripple Effect

Isla Surf School has been fortunate to be partnered with The Ripple Effect since the spring of 2016. We help organize one major fundraising event each summer at our location on Folly Beach and run weekly therapy surf sessions every Monday during the summer months. We have worked with some amazing children and have seen the beneficial effects the ocean has on children on the spectrum.  


We want to enrich the lives of children touched by autism by giving behavioral therapy centers the opportunity to create new powerful programs that positively effect their students. The humble beginnings of the Ripple Effect are rooted in a passion for surfing. We all saw what joy surfing brought to us and wondered why can't that be the same for children with autism. We did a little research and found we’re not the only ones that feel this way. Thus the Ripple Effect was born.