We love partnering with like minded businesses and people who share our ideals and passion for living a happy and active life. We are proud to work with the following businesses and foundations. 

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The Warrior Surf Foundation

Founded in May 2015 in Folly Beach, SC by True American combat Veterans and surfers, the WSF addresses post-combat mental health issues such as PTSD, Stress Disorders, and Survivor's Guilt. Many Warriors keep quiet about the symptoms that affect them- and their families.

In just one year, the WSF has provided services to over 90 Veterans and Active Duty Service Members through our weekend Surf Camps.  Each 6 week session helps Warriors overcome anxiety with social situations, crowds, and creates non-Battlefield bonds. 

The nature of war and its aftermath can be counteracted by using the ocean as a healing remedy.  The cycle of post-combat inactivity is broken, and the body and brain work through residual feelings of discomfort and distress while in the water.

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Ocean Surf Shop

Located at 31 Center St. on beautiful Folly Beach, S.C. Ocean Surf shop is more than just a store that sells a lot of surf gear. It’s owned and operated by surfers, for surfers. We hate to date ourselves, but combined we have well over a century of surfing experience among our owners and staff. Of course, this means we gladly offer friendly, unassuming advice regarding any and all aspects of board-riding. Regardless if you are an expert or beginner, we truly pride ourselves on enhancing your wave-riding and beach-going experience.

The team at Ocean Surf shop makes it our goal to offer their very best, because we know we know how much we love surfing, and we think that you should, too. Please come see us and talk about your surf-adventures, even if it was just a trip to 9th Block, and find us on Center Street on Folly Beach next to the big yellow surfboard.


Breakthrough Paddle Co. 

Breakthrough Paddle Co. is a mobile standup paddle boarding company that offers lessons, tours, fitness, yoga, hourly rentals, private parties, and special weekly events! We also have new paddle boards, accessories, etc. available for purchase! Our versatile service offers a fresh new area to experience each time you are with us. We provide all of our offerings within close proximity to Downtown Charleston, yet take you to the stunning waterways encompassing the Holy City that are too often overlooked. We provide all of the equipment you need to get on the water and experience this captivating unseen side of Charleston.

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The Ripple Effect

We want to enrich the lives of children touched by autism by giving behavioral therapy centers the opportunity to create new powerful programs that positively effect their students. 

The humble beginnings of the Ripple Effect are rooted in a passion for surfing. We all saw what joy surfing brought to us and wondered why can't that be the same for children with autism. We did a little research and found we’re not the only ones that feel this way. Thus the Ripple Effect was born. 

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Shred Season is the honest way to buy and sell used surfboards, snowboards, skateboards and more.  Our crew members verify, catalogue and safely store the boards until they sell.  Once the board is bought, we send the seller a check for the board.  

We make board buying as easy as possible.  With our unbiased evaluations of the condition of each board, and an expert description of it's functionality of that board, we make sure you are buying the correct board for you!