You're in good hands! Lifeguard Certified with a minimum of 4 years teaching experience.  


Peter Melhado: Founder/Owner

Teaching Since: 2009

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: I love meeting new people and sharing my love of surfing. There's no better feeling than watching someone get hooked in front of your eyes.

Why Do You Love Surfing? Those days when all the variables come together and you surf 8 hours straight with your family and friends. 

Favorite Breaks: Dogman's, The Junction, Fat Ladies, Coopers, Folly, Praia Grande.

Why Do You Love CHS? The friendly people, the amazing weather, the food, and of course the waves!

JP Mcardle: Instructor

Teaching Since: 2014

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: Getting to meet new people everyday and being a part of the surf community. 

Why Do You Love Surfing? Being out in the water with all your friends and family. 

Favorite Breaks: Hampton Bays, Democrat Point, Folly. 

Why Do You Love CHS? The weather, people, and warm water!

Declan Tozzi: Former Head Instructor (Currently in Med School and soon to be Isla's in house Doc)

Years Teaching: 2012

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: Getting to hang out in the sun and surf all day and getting people stoked on surfing.

Why Do You Love Surfing? Finding perfect waves with friends and clearing my mind in the ocean.

Favorite Breaks: Washington Ave, Folly, Punta De Lobos

Why Do You Love CHS? The people, the culture, and of course the food!

Trip Sturgis: Head Instructor

Teaching Since: 2014

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: Surfing is my biggest passion and being able to share that with others is an awesome experience. Watching someone catch their first wave and seeing the pure stoke in their eyes is almost indescribable.

Why Do You Love Surfing? Surfing is an ever changing experience that allows you to free your mind and focus on what’s happening at that very moment. The spontaneity and improvisation involved makes every wave unique. 

Favorite Breaks: Folly Beach, Sebastian Inlet and Santa Teresa

Why Do You Love CHS? Great people, amazing food, beautiful scenery and full of history. Charleston is my hometown and will always be special to me. 

Monica Becerra: Instructor

Teaching Since: 2015

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: Getting to spend entire days on the beach sharing the stoke of riding waves with kids and adults!

Why Do You Love Surfing? The conditions of the ocean are forever changing. I love having to adjust to anything the ocean may throw at me. That's what keeps me coming back.

Favorite Breaks: Wild Dunes Pavilion, Playa Dominical, St. Augustine. 

Why Do You Love CHS? First and foremost, the water is my favorite. The beautiful scenery and the southern hospitality make it even better. 

Maddie Wilson (Special-Education teacher and Isla Surf School Employee during the summers)

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: Teaching and working with kids is my passion, I love being able to watch them grow with each lesson and learn new things about surfing alongside them!

Favorite Aspect of Folly: Being able to hang in the sun and waves all day with friends and meeting new people! 

Why Do You Love CHS? The city's vibrant atmosphere, the amazing food, and of course the weather! 

What Do You Love About the Ocean? The endless things you can do in the water and the waves!


Reed Melhado: Little Brother and Right Hand Man.

Teaching Since: 2010

Favorite Part Of Teaching Surfing: Meeting people from all walks of life and being in the ocean all day!

Why Do You Love Surfing? Surfing with family and friends.

Favorite Breaks: Maria's, The Junction, Folly Beach.

Why Do You Love CHS? The sense of community, the winter weather, and surfing everyday!