Some info to review before your surf lesson.

Where do we meet?  We're located in Charleston, South Carolina and teach on Folly Beach. Meet at beach entrance 5W at Folly Beach (approximately 20-25 min away from downtown Charleston). Look for our Surf Suburban, with our logos, by the side of the road or in the beach parking lot and walk on to the beach. You will see our tent and boards ready for you!    


What time are surf lessons? How do I schedule a lesson? We teach lessons seven days a week and have no set times for our lessons. We work around the tides to ensure the best conditions for your lesson. Call, text, or email us anytime to schedule a day and time for your lesson. 

Where do I park? You can park in the lot marked 5W and pay the Palmetto Parking fee or you can park on the grass or sand on the side of the road. Make sure all your tires are off the road, otherwise you will be ticketed.

What is the youngest child you teach? We teach children starting at five years old. A lot depends on the child's swimming ability and level of comfort in the water. Feel free to call to discuss in greater detail.

Are the waves good? The waves can be incredibly good at Folly Beach. The average surf at Folly is perfect for beginners and depending on your ability and experience we can take you surfing in nearly all conditions.     

Do you teach year round? Yes, the water in Charleston is extremely warm for most of the year. Once it does start to cool down, we provide wetsuits.

How do I pay? We take all major credit cards, cash, or checks.

What is your cancellation policy? You must cancel or reschedule your lesson at least 24 hours prior to the actual lesson or your card will be charged for the full lesson. We know that emergencies sometimes come up; we understand this, and will work with you to reschedule your lesson.       

How do I sign the waiver online? Click here: SIGN WAIVER

Why sign waivers online? Signing the waivers online is easy, provides you a with a record, and saves paper. Waivers can be signed on the beach before your lesson as well.

What should I bring? It is a good idea to bring extra water, sunscreen, a towel, and beach attire.     

What is provided? We provide surfboards, wetsuits, and expert instruction from one of our enthusiastic and fun instructors.

What if it's raining? Surfing in the rain is fun! We run lessons rain or shine; however, if lightening storms are present, we will cancel your lesson.   

Can I purchase Isla Surf merchandise (hats, tee shirts, stickers) in person? Yes. You can purchase merchandise before or after your lesson. In addition, we can drop off your items at your hotel or home.