Addressing post-combat mental health issues through the power of surfing and beach therapy!

The Warrior Surf Foundation

We are proud to have been working side-by-side with The Warrior Surf Foundation since the spring of 2017. It is a truly inspiring organization that is making strides towards healing our veterans suffering from many of the mental health issues that they face on a day-to-day basis. It is a remarkable thing to see founder, Andy Manzi (a combat veteran), doing everything he can to help his fellow veterans. We have made life long friends and look forward to many more years of helping our veterans in any capacity we can. Isla Surf School Founder, Peter Melhado, is Warrior Surf's surf lead and advisor and the rest of the Isla team works with veterans and their families during their surf camps. 


Founded in May 2015 in Folly Beach, SC by True American combat Veterans and surfers, the WSF addresses post-combat mental health issues such as PTSD, Stress Disorders, and Survivor's Guilt. Many Warriors keep quiet about the symptoms that affect them- and their families. In just one year, the WSF has provided services to over 90 Veterans and Active Duty Service Members through our weekend Surf Camps.  Each 6 week session helps Warriors overcome anxiety with social situations, crowds, and creates non-Battlefield bonds. The nature of war and its aftermath can be counteracted by using the ocean as a healing remedy.  The cycle of post-combat inactivity is broken, and the body and brain work through residual feelings of discomfort and distress while in the water.