New and Improved Isla Hats Have Arrived!!


Four improved choices! These won't last long!

We finally have gotten our 2017 edition of our very popular Isla snapbacks in. The original hats were a big hit last season and I'm sure they will prove to be again this year.

For the 2017 addition we have made a few slight changes.

1. The hats are now low crown fitted, which means they have less empty space between the top of your head and the hat, which is greater for people with smaller heads like myself. 

2. Instead of using a patch for our logo we have gotten the logo embroidered on the front. I think it looks way cooler.

3. We have slightly altered our interior Isla patch, but not by much.

4. We got rid of our grey hat and have introduced a navy herringbone hat which came out great!

With these four adjustments, the hats are greatly improved functionally and stylistically. Excited to get everyone's reactions. Please head to our shop to purchase one or if you live in Charleston shoot us an email and we can deliver it to you by hand.  

Isla hats 2.0! Come and get them Charleston!

Isla hats 2.0! Come and get them Charleston!

In unrelated news, we have not been setting up everyday due to very high winds and higher surf, but expect to see us every nice day with fun waves! We set up on 5W (5 blocks to the right of the pier if you're facing the ocean) on Folly Beach. Come mid-May we will be there everysingle day! Hope to see you there!