Cold, but a fun Sunday at Folly Beach Pier


Having some fun with Reed at the pier.

This past weekend in Charleston was really, really cold (well at least for our standards) but if you were willing to suit up, there were some fun logging waves to be had. Reed and I surfed the pier Saturday and Sunday and had a blast.

Crazy how the weekend was frigid and now we're having a work week full of 75 degree and sunny days. We've also had some fun waves, nothing crazy but still fun nonetheless. Hopefully everyone can make it out the next couple days to enjoy some of the sun and waves. 

We took the Gopro out on Sunday and messed around and made a little edit for everyone. Even though the waves were shin to knee high and it was pretty cold, it shows that its always worth suiting up and catching a few waves. Even one decent ride can turn your day around and have you feeling great!


Small waves on a cold day = fun