Folly beach gets some fun waves!


We finally got a small bump this past weekend. 

It wasn't anything to write home about, but at least we had surf for several days in a row. It's the time of year when we expect to be blessed with waves, good ones. We have had our fair share of fun days this hurricane season, but none of those special days that stick with you for a while. We still have plenty of time, so fingers crossed we get some fun days ahead.

This past weekend had its moments. It was small and clean or at least semi clean most of the time with some nice long walls (sometimes it was too fast) but nonetheless it was fun to be out in the water. The weather also held up until yesterday which was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully everyone got out for a few surfs! Surprisingly, last night had the best waves of the weekend. The wind completely died around 4:30ish with really fun waist to stomach high waves. 

Some fun waves for Folly!

Some fun waves for Folly!

I find that most of the days with hype and high expectations in Charleston usually end as a let down and that the days you hardly expect there to be a rideable wave end up being the best. It's a blessing and a curse, but I can't tell you how many days I go just "to get wet" and end up being pleasantly surprised. 

Hope everyone has a good week and pray for waves!