Teaching groms in Charleston!


Getting the next generation of girl surfers in the waves

We have been teaching a ton of girls how to surf in the recent weeks. It's awesome to see these youngsters charging and taking on the boys. The theme for Isla Surf School this summer has been girls who rip. Between our camps and private lessons we have had tons of fearless young girls who are hooked on surfing.

It's so awesome to see the girls leading the charge in our camps and showing the boys how it's done. It is a very exciting time for girl's/women's surfing. It's good to know the future of women's surfing in the low country is in good hands. I have no doubt that we will see many of our students out in the line up ripping in no time. 

Don't forget we have our last three weeks of summer camps kicking off August 1st. We still have spaces available so get your kids signed up today. 

Some of the next generation of Charleston surfers!

Some of the next generation of Charleston surfers!