Spanish Exchange Group in Charleston!


We had the pleasure of teaching this great group to surf last week!

Last week we had a blast with this group of 14 Spanish exchange students who are here in Charleston for the summer learning English and exploring all that Charleston has to offer. So far they've had a fantastic summer doing all sorts of fun activities in the low country. They also have learned a great deal about the many, many historic landmarks and their significance for American history. 

This was their first time surfing and they absolutely crushed it. They had smiles for the entire lesson and did not want to leave once our lesson had concluded. It's so awesome to see a large, curious, fun group like this enjoy life to the fullest. 

Although the group did know some english, there still existed a significant language barrier. This made the lesson even more fun because we were able to practice our Spanish and it also speaks volumes of surfing. Surfing can bring people from different backgrounds and who speak different languages together to enjoy mother nature and most fun sport in the world.