That's a wrap for our Monday Charleston Day School group!


We have completed our 8 weeks with our Monday group!

We are officially done with our eight week after school program for our Monday group and we are two sessions away from completing our Thursday group. It's crazy how quickly the eight weeks flew by. All of our students improved a huge amount. Every single student is catching their own waves and riding down the line both left and right. This was an amazing group who had a blast no matter what the conditions were. We're sad that its over, but the program will be back in the fall and we hope to see many of these guys this summer! Heres a photo that sums up the group.

We were blessed with great weather and some really good waves. Six of our eight days were perfect and clean with really long waves. The boys got some insanely long rides, especially Jack (our youngest) who would ride the waves until they were non existent. To have so many good days for the program was very lucky and pretty rare for Folly Beach. Usually the wind clocks around in the afternoon and adds some texture to the waves, which isn't the end of the world, but surfing clean waves is always a treat, especially in Charleston and on Folly Beach.

Our summer season is in full swing so make sure to book your surf lesson in advance!