Superbowl Sunday Surf


Here's a little clip from my surf on Sunday. We pulled up to Folly to see drained out, windy, rainy, and cold waves. Morale wasn't too high because we were expecting to see something a little better. However, we forced ourselves to suit up and to at least catch a few. From there things just kept getting better and better. The wind started backing off immediately and ended up being non existent by sunset. The tide started filling in and perfect thigh to chest high runners started coming through the line up. And...the rain stopped and the sun came out. Reed and I were the only ones out and surfed from 3-6 trading off fun walled up lefts and rights. Sessions like the one we had on Sunday are the best. We had very low expectations and we were rewarded with insanely fun waves. What made it even better is that everyone was watching the Superbowl so we ended up surfing alone and trading off waves every set. 

Took the Gopro out for a few before dark on Superbowl Sunday.

Living in Charleston as a surfer can be frustrating and sometimes disappointing, but days like Sunday make it worthwhile. Folly can produce really fun waves when expectations are low. I'll post some of the photos I got later in the week. Not a whole lot of waves on the horizon, guess I'll have to mind surf Sunday until the next swell.