Finishing off 2016 with a bang


We haven't been posting much on any of our pages the last two weeks because we didn't have any service or wifi. We're back in the USA now and can tell you all about our trip. We traveled to the West Indies in search of some fun left point breaks we had heard about. It took us about 14 hours to get there, but it was well worth it. We ended up scoring some really fun points!

We would usually surf the points in the morning and then after lunch head to a beach break or a reef break a little closer to where we were staying. It's strange, we seemed to gravitate to the windier and more unruly beach breaks instead of the points. I don't know if its because we're used to those conditions and felt more comfortable there, but we ended up surfing crazy beach breaks more than the points. 

The trip was a success and we are editing a little Gopro video that we will share in the coming days. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we're looking forward to an amazing 2017 with everyone. We're currently in NY spending some time with our family but will be back in Charleston in a few days. Hopefully the waves keep on coming!