CDS- After School Program


Fall is in the air and we are wrapping up our after school programs

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather and have shaken off the effects of Matthew. We have had a really fun stretch of waves for the past two weeks and the last few days have been beautiful. Lessons have slowed down a fair bit which means more surfing for Isla instructors! The last couple of sunrise sessions have been pretty awesome and peaceful. 

We took a brief hiatus from our regularly scheduled programs due to Matthew to let everyone get settled. We're very excited to be wrapping up each program in the next two weeks! We had two great groups this fall who have all come a long way. We've had our fair share of small and clean days, victory at sea days, and bigger clean days which has helped shape each of our surfers. It's crucial for our students/clients to be able to master windy, drifty, and unorganized surf (especially living here). 

Stay tuned for some awesome video footage of our surfers in the next few weeks!

Get some of the small but fun waves on tap today and tomorrow if you can.