Hurricane Matthew in Charleston


Before, during, and after hurricane Matthew in CHS

Most of the Isla Surf School crew stayed in Charleston to weather hurricane Matthew. We ended up surfing some really fun waves before the storm hit. The storm itself wasn't as bad as it could have been. Yes, many trees and power lines went down and the flooding in many areas was pretty bad. However, I think we got pretty lucky. The damage incurred wasn't nearly as bad  as the potential the storm had. We're very glad that everyone is ok and now we can get back to normal life. We cancelled lots of lessons and programs due to the storm and will start to set everything back up so please bear with us. During the whole event, we got some footage that we put together so you can see what it was like here. It was incredibly weird to drive, bike, or walk around downtown Charleston in the days leading up to the storm, it was a ghost town. 

The coastal towns of the Low country were definitely affected the most, and just a few hours ago Folly Beach was opened up to non-residents. The beach took some damage and a lot of sand shifted around (which may be beneficial for surfing). Folly has also been without power for the last several days, but other than that it seems the whole area is getting back to their daily routine. It has been pretty incredible to watch the speed and efficiency of the first responders/clean up crews. The men and women who protected our city during the storm and those who left their families and safety to work on restoring power to the region deserve our thanks and respect. Hopefully we will not have another hurricane make landfall again!