2015 Surf Lessons


Looking back at 2015 surf lessons

That was a fun run of little waves! Hope everyone got to surf a little. We were organizing our hard drives this morning and came across some great photos of our lessons from the fall. We can't wait to get back in the water to teach. We taught a ton of really fun group lessons and also met people from all walks of life who were determined to become independent surfers. One of my favorite students from the fall was Terry. Terry is a retiree and had taken a few surf lessons in California; however, he hadn't had much success. He came to Isla Surf School hoping for a different experience. Terry ended up getting some amazing rides and with the help of our instruction, he was able to start catching waves by his second lesson. 

Conditions update: The water at Folly Beach right now is in the low 50's range. On a nice day, the water is still plenty warm for first timers and the more timid. The weather and water temp fluctuates a lot here in Charleston so stay tuned for wave, weather, and water temperature updates. 

Our 2016 season is already off to a good start. Its never too early to book your lesson!