When I woke up this cold morning all I could think about was warmer weather and waves. I started going through all the photos and videos from this past summer and fall. We had a fun run of waves and we surfed a ton which was great. We also got the official dog of Isla Surf School, Dakota, out on a board. I thought it was worth sharing the video again. Enjoy!

Our surfing dog, Dakota, catching a few in the Fall of 2015.

The whole Isla Surf School crew is itching to get back in the water to teach surf lessons. Despite the cold weather and pretty cold water, we have some brave souls coming to us for lessons. We are so excited to have first time surfers and beginner surfers coming to us to learn or to improve on their existing skills. Although its a few months away, we cannot wait for long summer days spent on the beach teaching surf lessons and surf camps!