End of 2017 Summer Camps


Our ten weeks of summer camp have come to an end. I can't believe how fast that went by! It was definitely one for the books. We could not have asked for a better group of campers who were excited and determined to learn and progress their surfing. We were blessed with some amazing days of weather and waves and had our fair share of rough and rainy days just like any summer. But that didn't stop our campers and instructors from having a great time. Attitude is crucial!

The kids are back in school and things on the beach have started to slow down a bit. But we are still at the beach everyday teaching. If you are looking to learn, there is not better time than now. If you are looking to make the next step in progression, there's no better time than hurricane season. Whatever you are looking for in terms of surfing, we can provide it. 




BlushingAlpacas Write Up


We had the pleasure of working with Barbara Skidmore Aka @blushingalpacas  and her whole family this weekend. The waves were pretty good despite a strong N-S current. We had her kids, her husband, and Barbara riding waves all morning. They were a pleasure to work with and we're very grateful for the wonderful write up on her blog.

Thanks Barbara! Looking forward to the next lesson!

Here are some photos from our morning together.


Summer Update


Been an epic summer so far...

Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend. The weather and fireworks in Charleston were pretty perfect. We are in week 5 of summer camp with 5 more sessions to go. Its crazy how quickly the time has gone by. 

We've had an amazing time working closely with the Warrior Surf Foundation, Camp Sewee, and The Ripple Effect. We love helping these organizations accomplish there goals and are looking forward to many more years working together. 

We have plenty more Autism therapy classes on Mondays coming up, Warrior Surf camps will be starting back up in two weeks, our Sunday yoga & surf sessions are running all summer long, and we are continuing to teach private and group lessons as usual. We have tons to offer people from all walks of life. So make sure to give us a call to see what package fits your needs best! 

Monday morning on Folly Beach!

Monday morning on Folly Beach!


Summer is here (officially)!


Felt like summer in CHS for the last 4 months, but now it's actually here.

Although we are only one day into summer, it's felt like summer here in Charleston for the last several months. It's been warm and beautiful and the water temp was well above average all spring. So up north they may be celebrating, but for us, it seems like we are in a perpetual summer, which is nice. 

We have had an amazing May and June and can't wait to see what the rest of summer time on Folly Beach brings. We are in the third week of summer camp with an awesome group of kids, as usual!

Isla Surf School + Ocean Surf Shop = Good Friends

Isla Surf School + Ocean Surf Shop = Good Friends

We've made some amazing new friends and have collaborated with old friends. We are continuing our private lessons, group lessons, summer camp, after school program, and are adding many new packages. We are working closely with Warrior Surf Foundation which has been really rewarding so far. We are adding weekly therapy sessions for children in the low country who have Autism. We are start yoga/surf Sundays on the 24th and have a few other projects in the pipeline. We are so excited to be working with such amazing people and foundations. We feel very lucky to be able to use our passion and expertise to help people in our community!


Announcing Yoga and Surf Sundays with Isla Surf School


Now Offering Yoga/Surf Classes Every Sunday on Folly Beach

We're very excited to announce weekly yoga and surf classes on Sundays. The class will consist of 45 min of professionally instructed yoga and 45 min of professionally instructed surfing. No experience necessary for the yoga or surfing. Classes will begin at 10 am every Sunday starting June 25. 

What better way to kick off a relaxing Sunday than with some yoga and surfing. We're very excited about this new offering and hopefully you are too! All equipment will be provided but feel free to bring your own surfboard if you have prior experience. Both the yoga and surfing is being offered to first timers and veterans. No matter your skill level, our instructors can help you progress. We are offering ten slots for every Sunday so make sure to sign up in advance as I am sure this will go fast. Book by calling or emailing Peter.

(843) 813 7897           peter@islasurfschool-charleston.com


A successful event with Charleston Ripple Effect


Isla and CHS Ripple Effect Collaboration

This past weekend, we had the privilege of working with The Ripple Effect, an organization focused on raising money for autism behavioral centers in the low country. We ran a total of nine 30 minutes camps for kids with autism. It was a great turn out with great conditions. Everyone had a blast and caught some good waves. This will always be an event we look forward to every year. A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped ensure the safety of all the campers. Please visit their website to learn more and to donate to a great cause. http://www.chsrippleeffect.com/

Peter and Meyer sharing a wave for a good cause!

Peter and Meyer sharing a wave for a good cause!

There's no better joy in our line of business than seeing a kid or adults "pure stoke" face. Its infectious and reminds us all why we surf and why we do this for a living. Such a rewarding day with great people. 

On a similar note, we ran our first day of our first week of 2017 summer camps. We have 11 sessions on offer. Fingers crossed the sun comes out this week. The forecast for waves is looking perfect for our little rippers. 


Summer is in full swing here in Charleston


Summer time Charleston!

We've been blessed with a week straight of small and clean conditions. Nothing to write home about surf wise, but perfect conditions for beginner and small kids. Even though it is only June 2, we have already met and taught lots of awesome people. We are excited to continue to meet new people and introduce them to surfing. We have a big few weeks ahead of us with charities, camps, and private events lined up. Fingers crossed for great weather and waves. Look out for special deals and event we are offering this summer. The best way to keep up with us is through our social media pages. So give us a follow on instagram. Enjoy this beautiful weekend and hope to see everyone in the water soon!

P.S. Summer has just started and we are already picking up too much trash every morning from the beach and parking lot. Please help keep our beaches clean and beautiful. Every parking lot has trash and recycling bins so there is no excuse. 

Folly Beach: small and perfect

Folly Beach: small and perfect


Quick trip to OBX before summer in Charleston


Trip and I headed north for a quick swell during this nasty weather

After our Sunday lessons we took a look at our weather and wave forecast which forced us to cancel this weeks lessons. We were bummed about the cancellations; however, it gave us the opportunity to chase a quick swell up north. We packed up and left that same night. Monday morning we were blessed with pretty ideal conditions in Nags Head. We surfed our brains out (around 8 hours) and camped for two nights. We camped through a few pretty intense storms but came out unscathed. We filmed one session which I will go through and make a quick edit out of. In the mean time, heres a quick frame grab.

Sadly, a little better than Folly : (

Sadly, a little better than Folly : (

We're back in Charleston and a little tired and sore. We're going to rest up during these rain storms and come Friday it looks like were are going to have beautiful weather for Memorial Day weekend. We are already very booked up, so if you want to surf make sure to book these next two days. Excited to see everyone on the beach this weekend! Stay dry in the mean time : ). 


Wrapping up Spring 2017

Time flies when you're having fun in the ocean!

We are wrapping up our spring programs and lessons during these next two weeks and then full steam ahead into summer. We've had an amazing time teaching all of this wonderful kids this spring. Everyone's surfing has improved a great deal and I hope everyone keeps it up. I filmed the same group twice this spring in subpar conditions. Today was one of those days when the waves were basically lapping up on the shore, but we made sure to take advantage of time in the water and ended up having a blast trying all sorts of tricks. No matter what the waves look like, make the most of it!

Making the most of subpar conditions. No matter what the waves look like, you can always have fun.

The weather and waves look epic for the next ten days. Take advantage of it and come surf with us. The water temp is perfect (still refreshing).

Starting next Tuesday, we will be set up everyday at our location (5W on Folly Beach) until Sept. 1. 

Isla Summer Camps (limited space)


Isla's 11 Weeks of Summer Camp Open!!

The registration for our 11 weeks of summer camp have been open for several weeks now and are filling up quickly. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most fun summer camps in Charleston. To do this we keep our numbers small so every camper recieves the one on one attention they deserve from our excellent instructors. Several weeks have already filled up but we still have spaces available in roughly half our camps. Please visit our summer camp page for all of the details. 


We guarantee your kid(s) will have an absolute blast with us this summer!

Dodgeball break before hitting the waves again!

Dodgeball break before hitting the waves again!


New and Improved Isla Hats Have Arrived!!


Four improved choices! These won't last long!

We finally have gotten our 2017 edition of our very popular Isla snapbacks in. The original hats were a big hit last season and I'm sure they will prove to be again this year.

For the 2017 addition we have made a few slight changes.

1. The hats are now low crown fitted, which means they have less empty space between the top of your head and the hat, which is greater for people with smaller heads like myself. 

2. Instead of using a patch for our logo we have gotten the logo embroidered on the front. I think it looks way cooler.

3. We have slightly altered our interior Isla patch, but not by much.

4. We got rid of our grey hat and have introduced a navy herringbone hat which came out great!

With these four adjustments, the hats are greatly improved functionally and stylistically. Excited to get everyone's reactions. Please head to our shop to purchase one or if you live in Charleston shoot us an email and we can deliver it to you by hand.  

Isla hats 2.0! Come and get them Charleston!

Isla hats 2.0! Come and get them Charleston!

In unrelated news, we have not been setting up everyday due to very high winds and higher surf, but expect to see us every nice day with fun waves! We set up on 5W (5 blocks to the right of the pier if you're facing the ocean) on Folly Beach. Come mid-May we will be there everysingle day! Hope to see you there!


Easter Weekend!


One for the books with our family in Charleston!

What a weekend! I hope everyone had as much fun with their families as we did. We celebrated Brittany's 30th birthday this weekend with family from around South Carolina and from New York. We ate great food, laughed a lot, played spike ball, and had a family surf. I'm not sure we could have done anything better. It's such a treat to have all of our family in Charleston at the same time. 

La Familia on Folly Beach

La Familia on Folly Beach

Not to mention, we lucked out with weather and we had some fun waves as well. Definitely a weekend to remember! I hope everyone spent some quality time with their families and had a great weekend as well.

We have some fun little waves in the forecast for the week and the water is in the 70's so make sure you take advantage and come surf with us. Have a great week!


Summer Camp Registration Open!


11 Weeks of Summer Camp With a Charleston to Folly Shuttle Service

Its that time of year again! It always feels like we skip spring here in Charleston and jump right into summer. We're not complaining though!

We have officially opened our registration for 11 weeks of summer camp that we are offering. Summer camps are still Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. They will still include tons of surfing, ocean knowledge, surf etiquette, and beach games. This means they'll still be an outrageous amount of fun. However, we have added a new service, a shuttle service that will transport campers from downtown Charleston to our location on Folly Beach daily. There is an extra charge for campers who opt for the shuttle service, but it will save parents and caretakers loads of driving time. 

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality offerings, which means we keep our camps relatively small (5-10) campers. We keep our numbers low to ensure every camper receives the one-on-one surf instruction and general interaction with our great instructors that they deserve. Due to our smaller camps, spaces are limited. To ensure you get the week of camp you desire, please call or email soon. Going to be an amazing summer!

Come join us this summer for surfing and fun on the beach!

A fun week of waves!


A week straight of waves at home.

Happy Sunday everyone. Hopefully everyone surfed at least a few times last week. The waves were beyond fun. A few big and chunky days and some smaller clean days graced us this past week. We ran a few lessons in really fun conditions. Everyone crushed it. I complain about our wave quality sometimes because we really do miss out on lots of swells that have Florida and other east coast states firing. But everything worked out perfectly this past week. I got to surf with Reed and Declan everyday and most of the days we had our spots all to ourselves which is very rare. 

In other news, the After School Program kicks off this week! Can't believe its already that time of year. We are getting really busy so make sure you come say hi to us at 5W on Folly Beach. Starting this weekend we will be set up nearly everyday. 

Here is a photo that Gabby from LuLu Lemon took last weekend. 

Going right at the Folly Pier last weekend. 

Going right at the Folly Pier last weekend. 




Almost that time of year again!


Summer is around the corner in Charleston!

It's sunny and warm in Charleston and the water temperature is on the rise on Folly Beach. We are geared up and ready for our 2017 season! We have been teaching lessons all winter, but we have a feeling its about to get really busy. We have brand new boards and an amazing staff for this season that are ready to be out on the beach all day, everyday teaching you how to surf or helping you improve. Our summer schedule is starting to fill up so if you have a large group with a specific day and time in mind for your lesson please call in advance to secure your lesson. 

Super fun group lesson from last summer. They killed it!

Super fun group lesson from last summer. They killed it!

We've had a fun off season of surfing, traveling, and gearing up for this season. but we've missed sunrise to sunset days on Folly teaching. Can't wait for summer to get here! Until then, looks like we have a fun stretch of waves to keep us occupied. Have a great weekened everyone!


Back in Charleston!


We're back from our trip to the D.R. We found some fun waves and had an awesome time, but unfortunately we came back to Charleston just in time for some cold gloomy weather. We do have some waves the next few days though! Here are a few images from our trip that will hopefully warm you up today.  We'll be posting a little edit in the next few days as well. 

Our after school program and summer camp registrations are both open, so make sure you take a look as spaces are limited for both programs. The after school program only has a few spaces left and our weekly summer camps are right behind. Don't miss out! Fingers crossed for some more summer like weather after this week! Stay warm and hope to see some of you on Folly today and tomorrow.


New board just in time for some south swell!


Thank you Ocean Surf Shop for the freshie!

I want to to thank Bates and Ocean Surf Shop for setting me up with this Hayden Shapes White Noiz. I've been looking to get a new board for the last month and couldn't be happier, especially as we have some fun days of surf ahead. I tested it out for the first time this morning and had a blast. The Charleston area has been fairly dormant (waves wise) the past weeks so this south swell is desperately needed. There's more... the Isla crew is headed to the D.R. for ten days to surf our brains out before the season kicks into full swing.

Update: Be on the lookout! Our summer camp registration will open early next week. We have had a lot of interest this winter about our camps and spaces are limited, so make sure you don't miss out. Our 11 weeks of surf camp are unique to because we keep our camps small (under 12 kids per camp) which means all our campers receive plenty of attention and coaching. We are also offering a shuttle service from downtown Charleston to Folly Beach which will make life easier on those super busy parents. Or...you can choose to drop off and pick up at our location on Folly Beach (5W).

Hopefully everyone gets out there this weekend. Summer weather and a south swell. Doesn't get any better than this!


Low Country Family Expo!


Saturday at the Charleston Convention Center for LCP Expo!

Maddie and I headed to the Charleston Convention Center for this year's Low Country Parent Expo. This was the first time we have had a booth at a large event like this and it went great. We met tons of people who were interested in learning how to surf. 

Maddie at our booth! 

Maddie at our booth! 

Talking to people all day about our unique offerings got us even more excited for summer. Although we are still a few months out, we have opened our summer camp registration and are booking private lesson in advance. Make sure you don't miss out as our summer camps are kept small and personal which means spaces are limited. Hopefully everyone is having a great week. Cant' beat this weather!


We need some real waves again!!


Starting to get a little restless as its been about shin high the last week or so. Thankfully, this weekend we have some little, but potentially fun waves headed our way. Anytime you can head to Folly and catch a couple real waves is a good day here. We have an awesome trip to the tropics lined up, which we're leaving for in exactly a month. We have an awesome group coming with us, some Isla instructors and some Isla friends. Hopefully we can score some fun empty waves together. No one is that familiar with the D.R. so should make for some interesting adventures which is always a fun part of surf trips (as long as there are surfable waves involved).

A fun A-frame taken in P.R. a few years back. Praying for some of this soon. 

A fun A-frame taken in P.R. a few years back. Praying for some of this soon. 

The photo above was taken three years ago on a month long trip to Puerto Rico. Nick Stella (Circe's Grotto), my brother Reed, and I went to down on a whim and stayed for almost a month. We scored every single day and it will go down as one of my most memorable trips ever. 

Switching gears, the spring after school program and summer surf camp registration are both open. Spots are limited as we run smaller and more personal camps so make sure to register early before they fill up.

Hope to see everyone in the water this weekend!


Waiting on the tide push...


Fun surf from last week

Well, another week in the books and now its gone flat...lucky for us, we got some fun waves last week. We had three days of fun sized medium period swell. The best part was we had zero wind at the beach which made mediocre waves really fun. Another bonus was it was 70 degrees and sunny in the middle of January!

Waiting for the tide push on Folly Beach!

Waiting for the tide push on Folly Beach!

It looks like we have a little flat spell ahead of us here, but hopefully the rest of winter continues to produce fun waves for the southeast. We have a trip coming up in March so hopefully we can keep on surfing until then. 

In another news we have opened up our spring after school program and summer camp registrations so make sure to sign up early before all our spots are gone. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather!